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Resume Rejuvenation

Where telling your story well is the first step to "hired." 

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Free Resume Reviews

I know what it’s like struggling to get interviews—spending weeks applying and hardly hearing back. 

That’s why I offer free resume reviews. All of us have been there: it’s been 2 months of applying, you haven’t heard back anywhere, or maybe there was 1 interview that went just alright. 

The existential dread has begun to set in. 


I like that I can help people through those periods. It takes little time but I think it makes a big difference. 


I provide resume feedback and field any number of questions:

1.    Where should I be applying? 

2.    Am I too junior for these kinds of roles?

3.    I am new to Canada. How can I adapt my resume to the Canadian market? 

4.    Should I reach out to recruiters? 

5.    Is it worth it to reach out to people on LinkedIn? 


And the list goes on…


So, if you have been applying and want to get some feedback and see if there are any course corrections you can make, click the button below, upload your resume, and book a call with me. 


Or maybe you just started applying and want a review; that’s fine too. 


Either way, click the button and upload your resume for a free resume review! 

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