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Free REsume Reviews

I offer free resume reviews simply because there have been times when I have struggled to find a job. My time as a student and my post-graduation period come to mind, where I just sent out loads of resumes and seemed hardly to hear back. 


Altogether, it was a very disheartening experience, and I hope that I can minimize that struggle for others. 


These Free Resume Review calls are not limited strictly to your resume either. 


If your resume looks great but you are still struggling to get interviews, we will dive into your job search strategies and everything else that might be slowing you down. 


And if nothing else, you will have someone to vent to about your job search.  


I look forward to doing everything I can to help you find your next opportunity!


Upload your resume below to get started. 

Free Resume Reviews in 2 steps:

1 / Upload your resume in the form below. 

Upload your resume so that I have a chance to review it. 

2 / Book a Teams meeting with me by clicking the Book Resume Review button below. 

After you submit your resume at the form below, book a Teams meeting so that we can work together to improve your application package. I will share advice on improving your resume and job search strategies, and you can ask any questions about your current or future search. 

I look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, send me a message.

Send me your resume and I will help you improve your applications. 

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Thanks for submitting. Don't forget to book a resume review with the red button below!

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