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Objective on a resume example

A perfect objective section on a resume will make your resume easier to screen and more likely to land an interview. That’s because it delivers the most important details at the top of the page in an easy-to-read snippet. This blog post will provide objective on a resume examples.


Essentially, it should be short. It should state how many years of experience you have and in what. And it should be three sentences.


Objective vs. Summary Sections


Technically, a Summary Section is supposed to summarize your resume and an Objective Section is supposed to state your objective in the job market (shocking, I know).


Whatever you call it though, these two sections should look identical. Why would you take the space to do one but not the other? Especially considering that both are crucial to frame your resume for the hiring manager in light of the job you applied for.

So for this blog post, know that these terms are interchangeable in my eyes, and they denote a small paragraph at the top of your resume that says a bit about you.


With that out of the way…


Understanding the Resume Objective


A resume objective is a concise statement that outlines your career goals and highlights your skills, experiences, and qualifications. It's typically placed at the top of your resume and offers a first impression for employers.  


This summary sets the tone for the resume. It gives the hiring manager a roadmap and tells them what they should look for when deciding on your resume.


Are they looking for an MBA, and that’s a must-have? Great, your summary tells them about yours so that they can’t miss such a crucial detail—it’s right in the first line of your resume.


Are they looking for someone with 2+ years of experience? Great, your resume points out in the first line that you have 3.


And even when you’re applying to jobs for which you don’t quite meet requirements, your Objective/Summary section is at the top of the page, where you can show hiring managers that you are near enough to warrant a deeper look.


The Resume Objective Formula:


[How many years of experience you have] + [The niche your experience is in] + [Relevant skills and technologies] + [The jobs that you are seeking]


See the examples down below in two different sections: one for recent grads by degree, and one for experienced professionals by niche.


Tips for Writing a Compelling Objective.


1. Be Specific:

Vague objectives are easily overlooked. Be specific about your goals and how they align with the job you're applying for.


No fluff allowed.


Stick to the facts of your experience, your skills, and the jobs you are looking for.


When I screened summaries, I would never read any sentence in the summary that was just fluff—don’t waste that space.


2. Showcase Your Strengths:

Highlight your most relevant skills and experiences. This gives employers a quick snapshot of your capabilities.


Focus on the skills that are most relevant to the job description and hiring managers will spend more time on your resume.


This strategy—focusing on hard skills—has the added benefit of making your resume more ATS-friendly as you are just adding more keywords.


3. Keep It Short and Sweet:

Your objective should be no more than two to three sentences. Brevity ensures it's easily digestible and impactful.


4. Use Keywords Instead of Soft Skills:

Incorporate keywords from the job description. This can make your resume more appealing, especially if the employer uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs).


As someone who has reviewed 60,000+ resumes, trust me when I say nobody will ever look for resumes that have a “strong work ethic” somewhere, but they will always search for hard skills like QuickBooks, bachelor’s in engineering, and Canva.


5. Avoid Clichés and adjectives:

Avoid adjectives about yourself. See any of the following:


“Team player,” “hard worker,” “detail-oriented,” “results-driven,” “self-motivated,” “excellent communication skills,” “problem solver,” “dynamic,” “proactive,” “strategic thinker,” etc.


But just for good measure, I will also add “innovative,” “efficient,” “strong work ethic,” and “excellent leader.”




Because anyone and everyone can say that about themselves, and it means nothing.

Instead of telling the hiring manager that you are a team player, describe a few things you did that show you are one.

It’s the timeless adage: show, don’t tell.   


One or two is fine. That’s it.


Tailoring Your Objective to the Job


Customizing your objective for each job application is important. Research the company and the specific role to understand what they value most in a candidate. Use this information to align your objective with their needs and expectations.


When you state your objective in terms of the job titles you are looking for, make sure you get the title of the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying to Financial Analyst roles, ensure that you say you want to work in Financial Analysis (or something very similar).


This will just further increase your keyword match.


Examples of Resume Objectives Based on your Industry.


1. For IT:

“An IT professional with over 8 years of experience in network management and data security. Expertise in cloud computing, system optimization, and cybersecurity technologies. Seeking roles in IT project management and system architecture that leverage my skills in leading advanced technology initiatives.”


2. For Sales:

“Dynamic sales professional with 5 years of experience in B2B and B2C markets. Proficient in CRM software, strategic planning, and client relationship management. Seeking sales manager or account executive positions where I can drive sales growth and build lasting customer relationships.


3. For Accounting/Finance:

“Finance expert with over 10 years of experience in corporate finance and investment analysis. Skilled in financial modelling, budgeting, and risk management, with a deep understanding of financial markets and tools like Excel, PowerBI, and QuickBooks. Seeking roles in financial analysis, strategic planning, or portfolio management to contribute to effective financial decision-making and growth strategies.”


4. For Engineering:

“Experienced engineer with 7 years in mechanical design. Proficient in CAD software, systems engineering, and process optimization. Seeking roles in product development to apply innovative design solutions and drive project success.”


5. For Customer Service:

“Customer service specialist with 4 years of experience in high-volume call centers and retail environments. Skilled in conflict resolution, communication, and CRM systems. Seeking roles in customer support or service management to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.”


6. For Nursing:

“Dedicated nurse with 6 years of experience in acute care. Proficient in patient assessment, emergency response, and medical record keeping. Seeking further roles as a nurse where I can deliver compassionate care.”


7. For Human Resources:

“HR professional with 8 years of experience in recruitment and employee relations. Skilled in talent acquisition, training development, and HR policy implementation. Seeking roles in HR management or organizational development to optimize workforce productivity and foster a positive work environment.”


8. For Management:

“Versatile manager with 10 years of experience in operations and team leadership across various industries. Proficient in strategic planning, process improvement, and staff development. Seeking middle management roles to drive operational excellence, team cohesion, and achieve organizational goals.”


9. For Retail:

“Retail professional with 5 years of experience in customer service and store management. Skilled in sales, inventory management, and visual merchandising. Seeking roles in retail management, customer service, or sales to enhance customer engagement and store performance.”


10. For Legal:

“Accomplished lawyer with 12 years of experience in corporate law and litigation. Expert in corporate tax compliance and mergers and acquisitions. Seeking roles as in-house counsel to provide strategic legal solutions for corporate clients.”


11. For Marketing:

“Marketing specialist with 7 years of experience in digital marketing and brand strategy. Proficient in SEO, content creation, and social media campaigns. Seeking roles in marketing management or brand development to drive engagement and market growth.”


12. For Creatives:

“Creative professional with 2 years of experience in graphic design and visual storytelling. Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, illustration, and multimedia content creation. Seeking roles in creative direction or design leadership to innovate and inspire through compelling visual communications.”


Recent Grads Objectives on a Resume Example.


1. Engineering Graduate:

“Engineering graduate with specialization in mechanical engineering. Hands-on experience in CAD design and project management from university projects. Eager to apply skills in an entry-level mechanical or design engineer role.”


2. Psychology Graduate:

“Recent graduate with a B.A. in Psychology, possessing a deep understanding of behavioural analysis and research methodologies. Looking to leverage skills in a role focused on human resources.”


3. Graphic Design Graduate:

“Creative and tech-savvy Graphic Design graduate, skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and digital illustration. Aiming to bring fresh and innovative design ideas to a junior graphic designer or visual content creator role.”


4. Biology Graduate:

“Bachelor’s in biology with a focus on molecular biology and genetics. Proficient in laboratory research techniques and data analysis. Seeking to contribute in a research assistant or laboratory technician position.”


5. History Graduate:

“History graduate with a strong grasp of research and communication. Excellent writing and critical thinking skills, looking for roles in copywriting.”


6. Finance Graduate:

“Finance major with knowledge in investment strategies and financial modelling. Proficient with financial software and Excel. Looking for financial analyst or financial advisor roles where I can further develop my skills.”


7. Education Graduate:

“Recent graduate with a degree in Education, specializing in early childhood development. Looking for roles where I can inspire and educate early-years students.”


8. Political Science Graduate:

“Political Science graduate with a keen understanding of political theory and international relations. Skilled in policy analysis, communication, and public speaking. Interested in roles related to policy development, research, or public administration.”



Your resume objective is a powerful tool that can set you apart from other applicants. By crafting a concise, specific, and tailored objective, you can effectively convey your career goals and suitability for the role. Remember, the objective is your first opportunity to make a strong impression based on hard evidence, so make it count!


Looking for help writing your resume?

If you are still unsure about these objective on a resume example and you want someone to review your resume, send it over! I provide free resume reviews and will be happy to help. Upload it here.


If you’re looking for me to rewrite and optimize your resume so that you land more interviews, book a call with me so that I can learn more about your current search and how I can help.


Other Sections that should be on Your Resume.


Contact Information:

Essentials include your name, phone number, email address, Postal/Zip code, and LinkedIn profile or personal website (or GitHub) if relevant.


Work Experience:

List your work history in reverse chronological order, with the most recent job first. Include job title, company name, location, dates of employment, and a bulleted list of responsibilities and achievements.



List your highest degree first and include the name of the institution, degree type, and graduation date. Relevant coursework can be included, especially for recent graduates or those changing careers.


Hard Skills:

Hard skills are those technical skills relevant to the job, like software proficiency, languages, or machinery operation, etc.


Certifications and Licenses:

Include any certifications or licenses that are relevant to the job and industry.


How to Craft a Strong Cover Letter:

A good cover letter is much like a good wedding toast: adjectives should not do the heavy lifting.  

One should show the audience who the groom is, not just tell them.  

Telling is using adjectives. He’s so…smart, funny, kind-hearted, thoughtful, passionate… 

Showing is telling a story about the groom that captures all those things without saying them.  

Maybe it’s that silly story about him thinking he had lost his niece while babysitting her and went to over-the-top-only-an-uncle-would-ever-do-that lengths to find her (she was really just hiding in his bed and fell asleep).  

Or perhaps it’s the story about that canoeing trip in Montauk when all her friends warmed to him immediately.  

The point is that anyone can be called kind-hearted and funny. But telling a story about someone showing them to be kind-hearted is a lot more convincing.  

Remember this fact in your cover letter. Pick a few adjectives that describe you, and then tell a story demonstrating how you personify them.  

Unfortunately, even if you tell a great story, you won’t get those tears coveted by all aspiring wedding speakers—but you might get the job.


Still Looking to get more from your job search? 


Shoot me a message on my site.


And follow me on LinkedIn.


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